What to think about before your engagement ring purchase

Posted by Christopher on 2nd Mar 2015

Traditionally, the engagement ring is the physical representation of the love and commitment that one person gives to another when proposing marriage.  A wonderful symbol of long-lasting love and commitment.

Presumably, you've already been soul searching and come to the decision that you want to marry your partner, so now it's simply a case of using a little thought and some easy tricks to decide on a ring.

What's your preference? Perhaps you're only familiar with the classic one stone solitaire ring.  Engagement rings these days come in many shapes and sizes, but the classic diamond solitaire is still a popular choice and almost impossible to get wrong.  Stunning results can be achieved with multiple side stones.  Halo style settings are one of the best selling trends in bridal jewelry.  This ring design will create a beautiful look and increase the optical size of the center diamond.  White gold or platinum halo style rings are currently the leading type of diamond engagement ring purchased.  Halo styles are available for all shape and size center stones, from simple to extravagant.

Who can you ask to help make the decision on what type of ring to buy? Don't be shy - ask your friends how they decided on their engagement rings, survey her friends, her mom, even your own mom may be able to give you some priceless pointers on helping you choose.

In purchasing an engagement ring, as with purchasing anything else, the more you know about it the better. This is probably the first time you have bought such a significant piece of jewelry and the good news is that we can help you get it right!

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