Why buy your ring from us?

Posted by Christopher on 4th Mar 2015

Why buy your engagement ring with us?

August Stephenson is committed to delivering a satisfying shopping experience by taking the time to help our customers find the perfect ring at the best overall value. 

Thousands of satisfied customers:

We are delighted that so many of our customers have contributed fantastic feedback, letters and online reviews to our company.  After all, we don't simply expect you to take our word for it.

Personal service:

When you shop with us, you are always dealing with the owner.  Being a family run business with no outside employees, we take pride in providing the best service and value to each client.  Our personal touch is extended to every aspect of your purchase.  We have been extensively trained in diamonds and jewelry with years of experience. We aim to provide the best buying experience; exceeding your expectations in every communication.

Quality and Value:

We strive to find the best value and quality diamonds.  During our buying process from our diamond cutters, we will search through thousands upon thousands of diamonds to find the best stones at the best price.  When manufacturing our ring mountings, we strive to produce a high quality, well built product by not cutting corners to save money.  On top of that, we use fine quality diamonds in all of our rings to allow for the most brilliant ring!

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