Engagement Ring Buyers Guide

What to consider when buying an Engagement Ring

Posted by Christopher on 8th Mar 2015

What to consider when you purchase an Engagement RingNot something you decide to do every day, buying an engagement ring is an obviously important, considerable and considered purchase.  Let me g … read more

Diamond Quality 101...

Posted by Christopher on 5th Mar 2015

Buying a diamond is something most people do very rarely, but it’s usually a considerable and exciting investment, so let me give you some pointers on the main factors determining the cost and value o … read more

Why buy your ring from us?

Posted by Christopher on 4th Mar 2015

Why buy your engagement ring with us?August Stephenson is committed to delivering a satisfying shopping experience by taking the time to help our customers find the perfect ring at the best overall va … read more

Engagement Ring Purchase Checklist...

Posted by Christopher on 3rd Mar 2015

Engagement Ring Purchase Checklist...Giving an engagement ring is the first step in making a joyous and significant statement and will probably be one of the most significant purchases of your life, w … read more

What to think about before your engagement ring purchase

Posted by Christopher on 2nd Mar 2015

Traditionally, the engagement ring is the physical representation of the love and commitment that one person gives to another when proposing marriage.  A wonderful symbol of long-lasting love and … read more

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